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Kenya Country Report - by Jack Owiti. Chairman KSLIA. Presented at the 2nd WASLI Conference, Segovia, Spain. 13-15 July 2007

Since its formation KSLIA in partnership with local and international organizations has facilitated the training and certification of 20 interpreters in Kenya. KSLIA has drafted and adopted a code of ethics, continues to update its registry of interpreters, organizing interpreter trainings and forging new alliances gearing to reach its goal.
Despite the lack of funding and perceived inactivity, individual interpreters have been actively involved in the core business of providing Interpretation and informally interacting with each other. Collectively as a body of Interpreters in Kenya KSLIA has made several strides in the professional development of interpretation in Kenya. These include:- 1.Election of officials 2.Opening of bank account 3.Drafting of an official Code of Ethics 4.Participation in the two World Association of Sign Language Interpreters (WASLI) Congresses – South Africa 2004, Spain 2007 5.Creation and Distribution of a Registry of Interpreters 6.Participation in Interpreter T…