Saturday, 2 May 2009


WASLI is pleased to welcome Jack Owiti from Kenya to the WASLI Board as our temporary Regional Representative for Africa. For personal reasons Mr Philemon Akach is not able to continue his duties, but he remains the official representative until WASLI 2011. Mr Owiti has kindly agreed to take on this work and the WASLI Executive Board would like to welcome him on board.

From Jack Owiti:
I would like to express my aspirations for serving as the WASLI Africa Representative. I will use
my skills, experiences and knowledge to improve the status of interpreter training, interpreter
association establishment and strengthening across the continent.

I am willing to learn WASLI's vision for the Africa region, internalise the strategies
recommended by WASLI board in reaching the objectives for the growth of the profession in
Africa. I am aware that the position is voluntary and does not have any financial remuneration
for the work done. I am willing to work with the WASLI board to create a strong network in the
region, share information and knowledge for all member countries and encourage new countries to
join the WASLI family.

I bring to the WASLI board 10 years experience working as an Interpreter in Kenya, experience
setting up a national association for interpreters, developing training curricula for various
interpreting settings and adaptation of the code of ethics. I am delighted to share the above with
my fellow interpreters in the African continent.

I am also aware that the job at hand may require me to work with other interpreters, people from
different cultures, nationalities and backgrounds. I am able to work with, communicate with and
use emerging technologies to connect with all peoples in the region. Over the years I have
developed contacts and professional acquaintances in the interpreting fraternity in Eastern,
Central and Southern Africa. I am hoping to harness these into a viable growth opportunity for
WASLI in Africa.

I am thankful for the consideration for this position. I look forward to serving with the Board of
WASLI, potential WASLI member countries in Africa and the rest of the world.

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