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Deaf Kenyans - Rewriting the history of the Deaf in Kenya Series I

Little information exists about the Kenyan Deaf community prior to 1960. It is however known that in 1958 concerned hearing Kenyans established the Kenya Society for Deaf Children (KSDC). In the late 1960s’ and early 70s’ Deaf people from Nyangoma and Mumias who were believed to be first generation of educated Deaf people in the Deaf schools came to Nairobi to look for jobs and better life.
This is justified when Alan Lane, Robert Hoffmeister, and Ben Bahan paid visit to Kenya and had to say this on Kenya deaf community in their book. In addition, graduates of the schools have been mingling for some three – four decades now in cities such as Nairobi, where there are reportedly several hundred Deaf adults. The numbers of deaf people are known to be large in Nairobi and while in Nairobi, they went to Kenya Society for the Deaf Children (KSDC) for social services, since there was no national association of the deaf to cater for their rights that time. KSDC was the only organization for…

Kenyan Sign Language - Beyond Constitutional Recognition Part I

The case for official recognition of KSL There are no official figures for the number of KSL users in the Kenya, although it is estimated that there are between 600,000 and 800,000 people whose first and preferred language is KSL. There are as many Deaf KSL-users as there are speakers of some indigenous languages, and more people (Deaf and hearing) use KSL than either Swahili according to Ethnologue Report. Linguists have established that KSL is a language in its own right and is as complex and sophisticated as any spoken language.
Like all linguistic minorities, members of the Deaf community have different degrees of access to the majority language of the wider community. Since KSL is more accessible to many Deaf people than spoken languages such as English, official recognition of KSL is especially important. BSL is the foundation for the self-esteem, educational achievement and social well being of the Kenya's Deaf community. However, that community exists within a wider society …

Barriers to Effectively Educating the Deaf in Kenya

Barriers to Effectively Educating the Deaf in Kenya

Jack Owiti the hearing interpreter and fluent KSL signer.


Sights of Interpreting in Kenya

In my work as an interpreter here are some of my moments.

 Here I was at KBC Channel 1 Interpreting DAMKA a Swahili current affairs program. The topic was about Youth, Employment, Human Rights, Economic Empowerment etc

At the opening of the WFD - YS speeches are sometimes my favorite assignments especially if you have interacted with the speaker for a while it is easy to capture the spirit of their talk with ease.

TV Interviews are challenging if the reporter does not understand the dynamics of the Sign Language Interpreter (Voice to Sign and Sign to Voice) all in a split second.

 Government officials read word for word speeches from their superiors, it is protocol however it is very mechanical for the interpreter and can be a real challenge due to the fact that you never get to read the speech before hand. It is always shock and awe working on your feet.

Capacity building for young interpreters in always my joy and pleasure. Mentoring is a dou…

The Three Princes of Serendip

by ‎Jack Owiti‎ on ‎‎Thursday, March 19, 2009‎ at ‎4:38pm‎ ·‎ "In ancient times there existed in the country of Serendippo, in the Far East, a great and powerful king by the name of Giaffer. He had three sons who were very dear to him. And being a good father and very concerned about their education, he decided that he had to leave them endowed not only with great power, but also with all kinds of virtues of which princes are particularly in need."

The father searches out the best possible tutors. "And to them he entrusted the training of his sons, with the understanding that the best they could do for him was to teach them in such a way that they could be immediately recognized as his very own."

When the tutors are pleased with the excellent progress that the three princes make in the arts and sciences they report it to the king. He however still doubts their training and summoning each in turn, declares that he will retire to the contemplative life leaving them as…

What is the relationship between sex and politics? Any answers?

What is the relationship between sex and politics? Any answers?

by ‎Jack Owiti‎ on ‎‎Monday, May 4, 2009‎ at ‎4:10pm‎  ·

- people can abstain from both
- involves both male and female
- everyone has an opinion on the style which is preferred... Read More
- there is always loyalty and betrayal
- causes an adrenaline rush every time you engage in it
- greatest source of joy, pain, hate, love, happiness
- short lived gratification if done for selfish gain
- source of income for a select few
- can be corrupted by a twisted mind - think of porn, dictatorship, prostitution, political patronage
- every man thrills at the chances of getting in, women always want to be on top
- deals are always done in darkness - bedroom, hotel room, late night meetings
- there is always a shroud of secrecy involved - no one tells the truth. (some) Men fake their prowess, (some) women fake orgasms, it is not as good as it is always told – grass is never greener on the other side! political power is always exaggerated …

corrupted Kenyan National Anthem - for the thieves and politicians

corrupted Kenyan National Anthem - for the thieves and politicians by ‎Jack Owiti‎ on ‎‎Tuesday, May 5, 2009‎ at ‎3:50pm‎ ·‎ FOR KENYANS ONLY Politicians of all persuasions
Strip this our land and nation.
Fortunes motivate us and keep us.
May we steal with impunity
Dodge taxes in unity;
Plenty be sourced within our dockets.
Let all politicians arise
With scams both wily and foolproof.
Eating be our earnest endeavor,
And our cake-stand of Kenya ,
Heritage of plunder,
May we fight forever to perpetuate

Compared to the original true and awesome words enshrined by our founding fathers.....It is a shame how low we have fallen!!! am sad, grieving for my country.....

O God of all creation,

Bless this our land and nation.

Justice be our shield and defender,

May we dwell in unity,

Peace and liberty.

Plenty be found within our borders.