Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Sights of Interpreting in Kenya

In my work as an interpreter here are some of my moments. 

 Here I was at KBC Channel 1 Interpreting DAMKA a Swahili current affairs program. The topic was about Youth, Employment, Human Rights, Economic Empowerment etc

At the opening of the WFD - YS speeches are sometimes my favorite assignments especially if you have interacted with the speaker for a while it is easy to capture the spirit of their talk with ease.

TV Interviews are challenging if the reporter does not understand the dynamics of the Sign Language Interpreter (Voice to Sign and Sign to Voice) all in a split second.

 Government officials read word for word speeches from their superiors, it is protocol however it is very mechanical for the interpreter and can be a real challenge due to the fact that you never get to read the speech before hand. It is always shock and awe working on your feet.

Capacity building for young interpreters in always my joy and pleasure. Mentoring is a double edged sword for interpreters. The joy of seeing your protegee take on assignments is priceless.

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