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What is the relationship between sex and politics? Any answers?

What is the relationship between sex and politics? Any answers?

by ‎Jack Owiti‎ on ‎‎Monday, May 4, 2009‎ at ‎4:10pm‎ 

- people can abstain from both

- involves both male and female
- everyone has an opinion on the style which is preferred... Read More
- there is always loyalty and betrayal
- causes an adrenaline rush every time you engage in it
- greatest source of joy, pain, hate, love, happiness
- short lived gratification if done for selfish gain
- source of income for a select few
- can be corrupted by a twisted mind - think of porn, dictatorship, prostitution, political patronage
- every man thrills at the chances of getting in, women always want to be on top
- deals are always done in darkness - bedroom, hotel room, late night meetings
- there is always a shroud of secrecy involved - no one tells the truth. (some) Men fake their prowess, (some) women fake orgasms, it is not as good as it is always told – grass is never greener on the other side! political power is always exaggerated to scare the other side or win more followers
- like politics a good lay always has a great following - try see a dude or chic with a great track record you will not believe the trail of possible partners.
- largest economic activity carried out by both the poor and the rich, people in Kibera and Lavington all engage in sex and politics at some point in their lives, spend huge sums of money to get more of it - by buying favors, opportunities or partnerships.
- depending on the levels there are few or no credentials to participate so long as you have the skills to negotiate, influence and persuade you are in!
- if you have money you can buy! see our politicians during campaign on K street, sugar mummies, daddies
- there is institutions for the practice of both - parliament for politics, marriage for sex BUT people engage in them without regard for these institutions
- there is always a push for the young blood to get into politics while the young are urged to abstain from sex
- the original intended purposes are not always in mind of those participating - not all politicians are development, good governance oriented - not all having sex want children, love, marriage etc
- rules apply yet they are broken left, right and center.....level playing field? not necessarily
- trivial issues always show up when things go wrong - during the break up the parties will hang all the dirty linens for all to see.....he snores, knows on style, etc etc political trouble is about who should be allowed to speak, who signs what, who is more powerful, types of cars, no. of bodyguards, etc etc
- one can skip, hop, step and jump from one party to another, similarly sex partnerships can be simple as changing clothes there is always multiple partnerships.....BUT again there are those who are very loyal, faithful and focused.
- atl east in Kenya this week, national headlines were on sex and politics!

To Be Continued

Special thanks to PMO for the inspiration.
OJ Scribe - Dexterity Media (c) 2009

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