Monday, 26 November 2012

What is it like to be a professional interpreter?

Someone asked me the other day What is it like to be a professional interpreter?

my response was exhilarating, frustrating, and often extremely rewarding! 

Interpreting is misunderstood profession. It's grating, after a while, to deal with people who think they can do your job just because they speak 2+ languages (fluently). That's just one of the preconditions, nothing more. It's grating to deal with outsiders who want to "test" you, either because they're worried about how good you'll be if they hire you (fine, get some references from other interpreters, or from other customers, or ask me how interpreters are actually tested), or because they want to make some sort of conversational point ("So, you're an interpreter! Interpret this, then: ..."). Patience is one thing you do need. Read more here

it is fun I have been able to 

1. earn good money interpreting
2. travel to many places
3. meet various people cultures
4. learn various languages and skills
5. develop some great friendships and professional contacts
6. fulfillment 
7. opportunities
8. the challenges are worth the tackle 
9. frustrations go away when a client says thanks, good job, can I hire you next time
10. relaxation after a job well done is rewarding

So there you have it. Go on become an interpreter it is worth your while.

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