Friday, 17 May 2013

Open Letter to my Deaf Clients - an Interpreters Apology to the Deaf

Dear Deaf Client,

It has been a long journey, since the first time we met when I was learning sign language back in the day. I never got to thank you for the many times you were patient with me and my choppy, sloppy and uncontrollable fingers unable to sign a simple English word. I did not appreciate the times you forgave my misinformation and misinterpretations or the moments I disregarded the little noises thinking must I sign that?

I do not have words enough to say how insensitive I have become over the years and how my intolerance have increased. I do have biases and I do resent the deaf community and it is not a secret I am very much in this for the money. It started by me offering to help and I tasted fame, finance and freelancing. I have become arrogant and proud, the little pro bono jobs do not excite me anymore. I dislike volunteering my services for you and get offended that there is no financial benefit.

I have lagged behind my competencies, I no longer can keep up with the interpreting pace, refresher classes seem repetitive and boring. I can not keep up with the new language changes and very comfortable with the assignments that do not stretch me or make me learn or do new things. In short I have become lazy and ineffective.

Dear client please bear with me for this is a phase of this career called interpreting I will get over it and get my groove back. In the meantime, I appreciate your patience and pray that you will understand my need for your forgiveness and help to get out of this 'it is my time to eat' condition and fall in love again with my first love - the Deaf Heart and benevolence to serve the Deaf Community.

Yours Faithfully,
Young Interpreter

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