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Tribute to the Late Eunice Amolo Kasisi

"I started learning Sign Language to be able to share the Word of God and my testimony with my Deaf brethren." 

This past month of June the Kenyan Deaf community lost one of the founding members of the interpreter professions in Kenya. Eunice Amolo Kasisi passed on peacefully in her home the night of 14th June 2014. Many tributes and messages of condolence poured in from the local and international community that worked with Eunice. Her body was laid to rest 28th June 2014 in her home town of Webuye, Kenya. 

 Here is a summary tribute from her family, colleagues and friends:

When Eunice was 19, she accepted Jesus as her Savior. The same year Eunice became a Christian, her hearing church started a Deaf congregation. She became friends with the wife of the minister of the Deaf congregation. The wife was a sign language interpreter. Eunice was so touched by the first Deaf church service she attended that she felt it was the right place for her to serve the Lord.

It took one year of hours and hours spent with Deaf people for her to learn Sign Language, and another year to be able to interpret during some services. In 1990 she started working for the Deaf Church in Nairobi. She stayed for eight years. In 1998 she went back to school to learn how to be an interpreter trainer a journey that took her to Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia. She also visited Sweden and Australia as an interpreter.

During the earlier years of her interpreting career Eunice worked with various start up projects within the Deaf community in Kenya. Notably these included: Deaf Safaris, East Africa Deaf Connection later to re-brand to Global Deaf Connection – GDC that trained several deaf teachers in their cycle of success program. While working for the Peace Corps she became one of the 12 founding members of the Kenyan Sign Language Interpreters Association – KSLIA as the treasurer in the year 2000 – 2006. Eunice faithfully served the Deaf Kenyan community in various capacities as an interpreter at KSLRP, KNAD, WFD/RSESA, Deaf churches and numerous individuals - we will all miss and remember her zeal, passion and dedication.

In January of 2003, she started working at DOOR-Africa DCLTC (Deaf Christian Leadership Training Center) as the Office Manager. In 2007 she also began working as a "hearing facilitator" assisting the Deaf translation teams. In 2009 she started working full-time as a Translation Consultant-in-Training. She is very close to being the very first Kenyan Translation Consultant with a specialty in Sign Language. Eunice is survived by Charles: Husband (hearing) Children: Ian and Meagan (hearing)

2015 and beyond we will miss a friend, a colleague, an administrator, an interpreter, a trainer and a valuable member of the Deaf community in Eastern Africa. Fare thee well, Rest in Peace! 

Other tributes 

Kapansa Lizzie Kamukwamba i have known Eunice during the two years we spent in the RSRLPII. she was such a wonderful person to get along with. Eunice, u will forever live in our hearts. Rest in peace dear sister.

Christine Pillah It's was an honor to have met you personally, being part of my sister's's trully sad but it's all God's doing Rest in Heaven Eunice

Eunice Kasisi, as one of the kenyan pioneer interpreters, you have served the deaf diligently and mentored many interpreters. R.I.P colleague R.I.P.

so sad your gone forevr rest in inernal peace

May your soul rest in eternal and perfect peace. We will always remember you. At DOOR international you taught me to obey God's word.

May your soul rest in eternal peace R.I.P

May your soul rest in eternal peace R.I.P

What a lovely woman u were, RIP Eunice

It's always sad to lose a friend. My prayers of comfort go out to the family ofEunice Amollo Kasisi, someone with a heart of gold.

David Frederic Bush Eunice's heart was pure gold. She was willing to help the deaf in Nairobi no matter what the time, the cost or inconvenience. She truly had a servant's heart. Her loss will be felt by many.

R.I.P Eunice Amollo Kasisi l will always remember you as a friend, a good mother and a mentor. I pray that you are happy wherever you are. Gone too soon sister.

I knew you when the door had a seminar at sunset. Am so griefed that you are no longer with us. May the almight rest your soul in peace.

R.I.P Eunice Amollo Kasisi! May the good Lord comfort your family at this time of grief.

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